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Reading Rewards Wristbands Website Launches!

October 1, 2010

The website was created to support an easy to use product that was developed with the goal of making reading a bit more fun for children.  To quote the rolex cellini replica founder, Carol Edwards: were created to encourage children to read for the fun of it and in turn get a reward.  Children are rewarded for most everything they do in sports with trophies and medals and certificates. In school in the lower grades charts with stars might be a reward, replicas relojes higher grades might be rewarded with a special clothing day or a social event. Awards are given for perfect attendance. Awards are given for highest scores.

Libraries do a good job of promoting Franck Muller Replica Watches reading through year round programs especially summer reading programs. In some cases there are rewards in the form of free pizza or movie tickets.

The Reading Rewards Wristband is a simple, plastic, adjustable, wristband with a grommet closing. A tangible object, that is worn with full ownership. The children wear their wristbands along with all the others they have that represent all the events, programs that they have participated in i.e.: fundraising runs, walks. The difference is that there are charms that come with this wristband. For each book replicas relojes that is read a charm is placed on the wristband. There are 8 charms that come with each wristband purchased. There are four 1�s and four 0�s. Sliding them on 1and then 0 and 1 and then 0 and so on is 10, 10, standing for 2010. Next year it will be all swiss panerai replica watches 1�s for 2011 and so on into the future.

I created the Reading Rewards Wristband because I have a passion for reading and learning and knowledge. I have been a volunteer with Literacy Nassau for over 20 years. The basic reading program is for adults who have very low level reading skills. These people have very replica tag heuer carrera day date watches complicated lives because of their lack of literacy skills. Everyone needs to be able to read.

Technology is not an excuse not to read.. Technology is not a replacement for reading. In order to use technology one must be able to read. Technology only enhances one�s capability to  learn and gain knowledge.

Reading Rewards Wristbands can be worn by everyone and anyone. Parents can wear them setting a great example for their children. Grandparents can wear them and begin a friendly competition with their grandchildren. Aunts, uncles, older siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, anyone and everyone can join in."

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